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Question - Which is the best San Francisco Femboy bar or club?
Do you prefer meeting online or hooking up at a bar or club?
Do you think San Francisco LGBTQ bars are too expense ?
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Party Time

Whilst there’s no doubt San Francisco femboys love to party, and of course, there many admirers, for some they still prefer to meet up online via photo personals site, then depending on the type of dating people are seeking perhaps head over to a bar or club.


Bay Area Femboy bars have always been popular hookup venues and you can see the attraction of walking into a bar and chatting with some hottie whether femboy or admirer, but what if you don’t have that confidence to walk up to a sexy stranger and start chatting?


You also have the situation that many are in either not being “out” or perhaps would prefer the security of an admirer or Femboy on their arms before heading into the unknown of a San Francisco LGBTQ club?

Personals or Bars.

Clubs & bars are great places to meet, and this admirer loves to party as much as anyone else, but bars over personals, its an interesting question? Sitting at home viewing personals and finding out what the person is looking for without first working up the courage to walk up to a femboy in a bar and start chatting up (something I struggle with) second spending a fortune on drinks to find out they are just on holiday or looking for L.O.V.E..


Whilst bars do offer a great place to meet up I also wonder if they are not starting to out price themselves and because of this are they as popular? Are people still hitting the San Francisco Bay Area bars as they were pre-COVID? And it seems also many bars are outpricing themselves with prices, that is putting many of.


Why not see what’s on offer from members, its free to look and maybe you could arrange to hookup in a bar if that’s the members preference. Details of some of the bars I’ve seen posted within Femboy Message bords

LGBTQ clubs San Francisco

It would seem the bars and clubs have a pretty wide community with most of them in the gayborhood (Castro) so if you head into one and its not your thing, you could just walk onto another, could make for a good night Femboy bar hoping!


:- Jolene’s – 2700 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103: femme bar + dance space

:- El Rio – 3158 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110: queer bar, wild parties & has a diverse crowd

:- Beaux. Mostly drag shows/brunches, young people, dancing

:- Midnight Sun. Lots of dancing & screens

:- Lonestar and The Eagle are in SOMA, mostly gay males towards the bear community, but all welcome


and I’m sure there are loads more …..

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