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Question - How good is the San Francisco Femboy scene? Some would say its the BEST!!
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San Francisco Femboy scene what can you say other than “welcome” lets be honest if you are a Femboy, admirer, gay, trans or lesbian would you really want to live in any other state in the US, although a friend that lives in Portland Oregon would disagree and wouldn’t move for anyone, least not unless he was rich LOL…


The burning question, least one that bugged me, do natives call it San Francisco? It would seem most do or use “The City,” people in the Bay Area use the City, that refers to San Francisco Bay, for this outsider I’m just going to stick with San Francisco and clearly many want to visit and do.


Why would you want to be in San Francisco? check some of the local members …..“yummm” you can see these from the free link above, but also the city is the FIRST to have its own LGBTQ district in fact pretty sure the world, now if that does get a rainbow flag flying nothing does

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Whilst clearly the city offers just about everything, in fact “NO” it does offer everything with party venues, socials, bars & beaches, beaches? That’s what I was told, don’t shoot the messenger. Many still look towards online dating…why?


Why Meet Femboys Online, because a LOT use and prefer online dating to other ways of meeting up and I checked out photo personals and just as many femboys as males are seeking hookups with guys, girls & femboys, look and you will see.


The online dating scene has grown in popularity, more so in this city than many others, maybe thats because people have a better way to date local, or femboys and admirers LOVE San Francisco so have moved there, meaning more contacts.


With more members the choice and types of hookups range from members seeking casual sex to those looking for long term boyfriend, maybe a Daddy figure, but by using online dating its made it easy to meet up and read about the types of hookups people are seeking for

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Whilst having loads of local contacts is great, sitting back looking at members photos, reading about the types of meets they want, maybe even if you find a member with a video sitting back and watching someones video, without having to pay OnlyFans LOL..


It does mean you will need to put some effort into your personals advert and posting up a lame profile will get you probably no messages. If you are not sure what to say look around personals and it will give you some idea. Don’t forget you can always edit your personals advert once you have joined.


Photos…lots, we’ll at least a few, if you want to get messages members will want to see you, if you don’t post photos, you will get less messages. If you don’t want to show your face, edit it so people can’t recognize you

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Femboy dating online is the EASY way, not only do you find out what the San Francisco Femboy or admirer is looking for, second if you join as a FREE member it won’t even cost you anything to hookup, maybe the same day.


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