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Femboy chaser, does this really apply to Femboys and why would a Femboy be seeking out Chasers? I suppose the basic answer lays within the members personals and depending on the types of hookups they are seeking.


If you are new to the term “Femboy Chaser” it basically refers to cis men that are attracted to Femboys, more so because they take the outwooed appearance of a young attractive female, but with a cock. When men are attracted to Femboys they are generally referred to as a ”chaser”


I have seen in some groups that “some” Femboys use the term “Femboy Chaser” as a derogatory term, most because the only thing the CIS male is interested in dating males that look like females but when alone are only interested in getting them to bed for cock fun.

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If you speak with those involved within the sex industry, they are happy to welcome Femboy Chasers as there’s are possible clients and basically need them to pay bills, but isn’t this also the case when a Femboy posts within a dating site?


Often many of the personals I see are posted up by femboys seeking out Chasers as they want to meet with bisexual males for sexual relationship but would a male that seeking out Femboys I.e a chaser wants to class himself as being bisexual.


As an admirer myself I wouldn’t class myself as being bisexual but have on occasions used the term Chaser when talking to Femboys, and it wasn’t viewed as being offensive or me just wanting to meet with feminine trans knowing full well, they had a cock

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By joining this site you will access all types of personals from males that would happily class themselves as being a Femboy Chaser and only meet with femboys knowing they have a cock, to males seeking a relationship and whilst knowing full well what a Femboy is, there cock is not the only point of interest.


Depending on what you are seeking its just a case of joining and posting up your personals advert whether that’s to attract Femboy chasers to you, or as a chaser yourself make local contacts with femboys near you, or as most look for femboys near me!

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Want to try out the members section searching for Chasers or femboys seeking out some FUN, then join us today for FREE and find out whats going on inside the members section, after all that’s where all the chasing starts.


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