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Femboy Selfie or not?

Femboy Sex Selfies, has personals and dating sites given femboys & admirers a portal to upload and post their sex selfies? Sure it has and now we don’t have to worry about silly nipple rules on Facebook, in fact some of the femboy sex selfies I’ve seen wouldn’t be out of place on onlyfans!


The huge increase with sex selfies is being fed by our passion to show others just what naughty things we are getting up to meeting femboys, admirers or just femboys meeting alone, or is it maybe the voyeurs within us all that just want to see whats going on.


Are Femboy Selfies more so sex selfies a bad thing? “NO” once you move on from thinking back to when the word selfie was synonymous with some silly teen girls posting up photos with their sweet duck faced pout selfie, sorry if I’ve put that image back in your head

Selfie or SEX Selfie

The burning question seeing selfies of femboys without the pout!!! or looking at photos of femboy sex selfies, let me think about that question for one nano second LOL… do I / You REALLY need an answer as this admirer loves looking at these horny femboys posting sex selfies.


Are Femboy sex selfie just a tease or meant to tantalize an admirer into sending a message? Some would say YES and considering you are looking at these images via a sex contacts site then I would very much say YES, but I do sometimes see images posted on Instagram or Reddit that are just a tease! but here Femboys do it for one reason, to get noticed, and it works.


Even if members are seeking something other than just SEX, although there is nothing wrong with that will post up images that could fall under the umbrella term of being a sexy selfie, maybe its showing a photo of them wearing a sexy outfit, but it doesn’t have to be full on SEX selfies.

Posting “private” Sex Selfies.

Assuming we are looking at photo containing at least 2 people then maybe you want to limit access to these sex selfies only showing only friends or perhaps new contacts that send you messages? This is where the private folder is ideal place to upload your VERY naughty sex selfies.


As a member you will have access to your own private folder, here you can upload sex selfies either photos or videos where access is password protected, the only way members can access images held within this folder is by asking you for the password.


You can upload as many sex selfies into this folder, and it is your call as to how many members you let have access to it. Maybe if you’ve taken some photos when meeting a member and you only want to share with them, afterwards you could remove or leave

FREE Femboy Selfies

So as someone that’s engaged in sex selfies and even the odd video, join us and start posting your selfies, by joining as a FREE member you will have unlimited space to post as many selfies and videos as you want. Plus search out and find local contacts viewing their photos.


Free access will also give you member message boards, blogs and allow you to search out and see just whats on offer for FREE. If later you want more features paying will open all the features to help you connect faster and the name of the site will not show on the credit card bill

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