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Is there a dating site for femboys seeking other femboys? Yes there “IS” Femboys dating Femboys ONLY….guys and girls look away as these super feminine femboys only want one thing alone that’s dating Gay Femboys, and whilst some Femboys could be happy dating and meeting any sexuality whether that’s straight, bi, poly, omni, pan, etc these members only want Femboy ONLY..


Most people will assume that Femboys are Gay, by that I mean dating males, but the term Gay Femboys is mostly associated with femboys dating femboys only, and should you be looking for contacts we can direct you towards local personals.


You would assume to date another Femboy then it would be a simple case of hitting a bar or club, assuming the local LGBTQi scene was Femboy friendly in your state, but not all enjoy going to clubs, assuming there are ones, more so not everyone is confident to approach another femboy in public and start chatting up.

Friends, Bars & Parties

Whilst many Gay Femboys would look at friends’ networks to meet others maybe at parties the online scene has changed all this with many turning towards femboy personals sites, mostly because you know straight from reading the personals advert whats is on offer.


We all have different requirments when dating some just needing the compiounship of another to talk fashion, beauty or just going out and hitting the shops, whilst others have more physical needs and maybe meeting in the bedroom would be there idea first date.


Using personals sites takes always all those doubts and awkward questions that want to be asked as you read someone personals advert you know just what they want when dating, whether that’s friendship with another Gay Femboy or just SEX….

Femboys Date Femboys

Posting a personals advert is easy, in fact we offer a free membership so you can try it out and see what gay femboy contacts are local to you, or use the free link above, although this will show all contacts and not filtered by age, by joining, even for free and you can search for contacts by age & location.


When posting your advert make sure you make it clear you are only looking at dating other femboys. One way is by using the profile heading as this is the first thing members see when searching, so something like “Gay Femboy LA Dating Femboys” that would get the attention of members.


When posting your profile, I would recommend upload photos as this makes a huge difference and you will soon see that when you start searching for gay contacts you will straight away the ones that get viewed are the Gay femboys with photos

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