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Getting Femboys Message Me.

How to get Femboys to contact me via my personals advert, asking a question like that and you know the answer straight away it all starts with your personals advert, its your shop window to Femboys seeking males and does it shout out “come on inside and lets chat”…if femboys aren’t messaging you that’s the first thing to look at.


If you spend any amount of time within forums and social chat sites like Reddit or Quora one of the most posted questions is “How to get cute femboys messaging me” and assuming they have a profile advert one look at the profile, you can see just why!


Its one thing to join a Femboy Dating site that’s basically wall to wall horny Femboys, but throwing up a lame personals advert will get you ZERO replies to your messages and should Femboys check your profile probably leave and date another guy

How To Get Femboys Contact me! .

Whats the trick to posting an amazing personal advert and getting Femboys messaging me wanting to date? Lets start by looking at the key points of your profile, get these right and you can be sure you wont be asking “How to get Femboys Contacting me”


:- Username, its pretty open to anything really

:- Description, this is the first thing Femboys see when searching for male contacts, or any other type of contact. So putting up a decent description is key, something like. “California single male seeking NSA with Femboys” that kinda says it all

:- Profile, you have unlimited space but that doesn’t mean to say it needs to be a 1000 words long. Tell members about yourself, what you are seeking, if you are new to the scene say so, and being an adult personals site, you don’t have to be shy, but lets not get to direct !

:- Profile photos, do you want replies to your messages? Do you want Femboys to contact you? Then post photos, profiles with no photos will get no response. The first photo needs to be head & shoulders like the example ones above. If you don’t want to show your face edit it. The rest can be anything you want, but not just photos of your cock.


Follow these basic profile tips and you can be sure when a Femboy looks at your personals advert, and they like the photo you can be sure you will get messages from Femboys wanting to date.

Femboys Contacting me! .

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