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How To Hookup .

It was a question posted up that I saw in Quora or was it Reddit, either way one of them, and the response was somewhat amusing, and I can only assume it was either posted up by some very confident Femboys or jokers!


Question – How to meet local Femboys, Answer – Head into your local Femboy Bar.


Ok for this admirer its either bloody daft or stupid, first how many guys would seriously walk into a bar full of Femboys, and second last time I looked the only bars that “some” femboys used were the local LGBTQi clubs, assuming they were femboy friendly.


It clear that it was a guy posting this question, although I suppose if a non-scene Femboy was looking for friends / contacts then maybe they could be asking the same question, when there is an easy answer right here

How To Meet Femboys .

The online dating scene has made easy to meet up with just about every type of sexual niche and kink going and no longer is it a struggle to find local contacts, in fact assume you join the right site once you post up decent personals advert, they will be contacting you.


It’s the personals advert that can sometimes let guys down and leave them doing all the running, in other words put up a dull uninteresting profile and you won’t get Femboys messaging you, post up fun interesting one that shouts out “message me” and you will get responses.

Your Personals Ad ..

Its not rocket science, the more effort you put into writing an interesting personals advert, the more chance you will stand to get messages or replies to your messages. It doesn’t need to be huge, but tell femboys about yourself, your likes, what you enjoy and more so what you are not looking for.


A good title will also help as this is the first thing members will see when searching for contacts so something like “New York Guy Seeking NSA Fun” will tell anyone looking for casual hookups in NY exactly what they want and click on your advert where as “ Check my Profile Out NSA sex Wanted” could fail

Photo Personals ..

FACT!! Personals with no photos get ignored by most as they assume they are not serious about hooking up, if you want members to contact you then upload profile photos. If you don’t want to show your face just edit it with some software so people can’t recognize you.


You have unlimited space so can post up as many photos as you want, which for Femboys is never a problem as these sexy members love a selfie, we guys on the other hand LOL…But try and post a few and not just ones of your cock, they know what one looks like !

Contacting US Femboys .

Once your personals advert is in place it’s just a simple case of searching out contacts and sending messages. So long as your profile is good and your member match your interests then I’m sure members will start messaging you, after all like you they joined the site to hookup.


You won’t be asking again “How To Meet Femboys” because you will be dating one, or more depending on what you want

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