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Femboy Chat, who doesn’t love logging into a chatroom knowing full well horny femboys are logged in and waiting to chat with admirers, we’ll not just admirers but chatting with members.


Chatrooms have been around since the early days of the internet and if you are as old as this admirer you will probably remember, not so fondly the old days of comic chat and all the silly games there when all you really want was some fun sex talk!


Although considering the term Femboys originated in the 1990s thankfully by then CC was dead and gone, now we have the upgraded version that offers a lot more than some silly cartoon Femboy running around LOL

Dedicated Chat ..

Within the members section you can access live chat where you can meet members online in dedicated chatrooms depending on your interests, but be warned like all chatrooms and ours is no different from any other the pace is FAST.


When you first enter the chatroom one thing you will notice is details of the online and in chat right NOW, this means should you want you can click on Femboy personals and view profiles, photos and types of hookups the member is looking for

Getting Started Live Chat ..

So many people when they enter a sex chatroom of any type not just a Femboy one will just sit back reading chat conversations going on between members and maybe checking out personals, but why not get involved !


When you enter the room, say “hi” you maybe well surprised that someone comes back and start chatting, or it will get the attention of other users in the chatroom and they will then probably head over and check your personals ad out.


But don’t be just a voyeur, get involved and start talking to members, as that’s just why they have logged on the same as you

Sending Messages.. .

You have 3 ways of sending a message to a member, the first is just posting a message on the chatroom board, but this can sometimes get missed, next send a private message, which is my preference or last sending invite into a private chatroom.


The last option can seem a little pushy so personally I wouldn’t use it as some members don’t like getting messages from someone they have never chatted to sending a private room invite, but its your call on which you prefer.


Have fun and don’t forget be polite to others and don’t spam the Femboy chat with hi messages as that could get you a warning !

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