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Femboy Message boards offer one of the best ways of meeting up with femboys or admirers right across the US, or indeed even further if you are heading away and want some holiday fun…When it comes to finding Femboy Messages it’s the place to head towards.


Message Boards have been around for years in one shape or another and some call them forums, but that sounds way to business like, and message boards sums up neatly just what goes on withing the Femboy Message boards section…making contacts!


For many members they prefer message boards over live chat as the pace is much slower and it’s easier to follow conversations or find postings made by femboys or admirers, personally its my chosen method over Live chat!

Finding Femboy Messages .

Using our message board and finding message posted by femboys along with their highly sexy admirers (myself included in that) is easy, most because the message board is laid out within sections covering different discussion points


To give you some idea some of the groups are


:- General chat, talk about anything, like meeting in a bar
:- Holiday Hookups, heading away, post up where you going and meet new contacts

:- Instant SEX, doesn’t get much clearer does it !

:- Spanish Speaking, Spanish speaking Femboys

:- The Social Scene, chat with members wanting to get out

:- Fetish SEX, get kinky in difference sections


All of the above have subsections, like for example Holiday hookups, is split around locations around US, Europe. Fetish has bondage, cuckold, public sex, role play plus many others.

How To Post ..

Once you’ve open the message board, click in a section where your posting should go, for example if you are heading to New York and want to meet local contacts, click on Holiday hookups and then click on new thread box in the top right hand side.


Make sure you sure use a heading that grabs people attention “ Femboy Heading to NY for long weekend “ then tell members about what you are looking for and its that easy and members can post directly under your posting.


From the forums section you can also view members personals, ads and send direct private messages, along with of course post directly onto the message board posting


Join us today and start accessing Femboy Message board postings….

Femboys Near Me offers a safe & friendly website to meet local contacts in The US. Join us today and upload your photo personals advert and start searching contacts. The profile photos posted here are Genuine members seeking local hookups © Femboys Near Me powered by HubPeople Ltd.