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Wats The Law In Texas About Femboys ?
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Texan Femboy

New bill from Gregg Abbott seems to be another blow to the rights of LGBTQi and more so the rights of Texan Femboys and transgenders – Just what is the new bill in Texas regarding femboys & Transgender.


One law recently passed is stopping all Transgenders and femboys from competing in sports that align with their gender identity, this only further expanding a 2021 law that forbid transgender students in K-12 school districts.


Also apparently although I cannot find anything to substantiate this but now in Texas a new law is prohibiting the use of femboys / Transgenders wearing make-up or effeminate, likewise females dressing masculine…now if correct this seems crazy, and you would think any self-respecting femboy would be running for the hills, but not they ARE staying put.


This could affect many more so those that enjoy the freedom of heading out dressed effeminate, but more importantly this could very easily snowball into other legislations that could have devastating effects on all.


Obviously, any Texan femboy should be encouraged to watch this although I do wonder if this is not more aimed towards professional Drag Kings / Queens but regardless the bill could very well affect femboys stopping day-to-day hookups

Discriminatory YES

But something I recently saw was how younger Femboys if they should choose this, will no longer be able to access puberty blockers and hormone therapies. Now whilst its true not all Femboys want this route and more so young Transgender its yet more of an attack from the anti-LGBTQ lawmakers that want to take away rights on fermboys & transgenders in Texans.


Whilst not passed at the time of writing this considering what’s been approved before as law I’m wondering if this is yet another stab at the Texan femboy scene and of course LGBTQis right across the state

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Reading about the way the state is clearly doing its best to remove all right and stamp out LGBTQi along with “trying” to put the femboy genie back into its box which will NEVER happen, you would think many are just heading for brighter states and I’m sure most will…but not all.


Some Texan Femboys want to hold out loving there home and standing for the rights of Femboys plus others within the LGBTQ community. And right here you can meet up and start dating local contacts

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